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Nahl Brothers in the Magnes collection

I encountered the above portraits while processing the Glazier family papers.  They were done by the Nahl Brothers in 1869 in San Francisco.  The subjects are probably Simon and Clara Glazier. The Nahl Brothers were important artists of the Gold Rush era and painted many portraits of life in the California gold mines. They also [...]

An archival treasure: Harris Weinstock’s travel diaries

I confess to a certain obsession with Harris Weinstock’s travel diaries, which are part of our collection of Harris Weinstock papers (formerly collection # WJHC 1969.035). I am currently cataloging this collection and working out the conservation issues presented by the diaries, so I am getting a nice close look at them. Weinstock kept during [...]

What’s this? Adventures in archival processing

I was working on the Samuel Holcenberg papers today.  This is a fine collection of 20th century personal papers. Holcenberg was a prominent figure in Jewish life here in the Bay Area and in Seattle, most notably as the Executive Director of the Jewish Committee for Personal Service and as the Executive Director of the [...]

Context, Context, Context! A Lesson in Archival Description

Right now I am working on a collection known as the Louis Getz papers and photographs in the Western Americana archival collections of the Magnes. I finished physically housing (foldering, sleeving, boxing) the collections and am now working on the catalog record. My job in creating this catalog record is to provide enough of a [...]

The joys (and power) of cataloging

I am knee deep in the Western Americana archival collections of the Magnes–physically processing them and cataloging them for access at the Bancroft. I  find myself reflecting frequently on the power of the cataloger, that creature who selects and categorizes and classifies and shapes our access to so many things. Oh, I know. All things [...]

Old Jewish Neighborhood in SF I am re-posting an article from The Jewish Daily FORWARD on the exhibition organized by the Magnes and Lehrhaus Judaica, currently of view at the Jewish Community Library in San Francisco.  (Alla Efimova) Slideshow: Jews of the Fillmore By Renee Ghert-Zand Courtesy of The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life With the opening [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

Watch our collection records in @OCLC grow each day under the loving attentions of @larchivist # To Cherish the Fruit of a Beautiful Tree: Etrog Containers in the Magnes Collection | opensource blog # Staging an exhibition and planning the online catalog using @memoryminer # Staging an upcoming exhibition and preparing its [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

Trying to figure out the moves on chess board in Oppenheim's 1856 painting Lavater and Lessing Visit Moses Mendelssohn # Did White put the Red in check mate? # Is White Mendelssohn (who's wearing red), or is Lavater (who's wearing black)? # New on The Esther Scroll (megilat ester) Collection [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

RT @ninaksimon: Looking for creative approaches to merging museum & library where library is free, museum costs $1 (nonnegotiable) Thoughts? # New post at opensource, "Findings from the Museum Collection Storage" by Julie Franklin # New on YouTube. In the Magnes Archives: Arriving to San Francisco (1848-1900) # I uploaded a YouTube video [...]

The Good Things To Come: Findings from the Museum Collection Storage

Greetings from my new home at the Bancroft and Happy Holidays! These days and months, preparing for the visible storage of the Magnes Collection in its future home in downtown Berkeley, I am busy researching art and artifacts in the art storage facility where the collection will be kept until its move. Quite prophetically, a [...]