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Happy Shavu’ot!!

Shavuot celebrates the beginning of the wheat harvest and, according to the Bible, any sheaves or stalks of grain that fall to the ground while the field owner’s reapers are working must be left for the poor.

US House of Representatives pays tribute to Florence Prag Kahn

Check out the new US House of Representatives’ tribute to Representative Florence Prag Kahn (the first Jewish woman to serve in Congress). The Magnes archives contributed many images to this digital exhibit. It is so lovely to see them out there! For more information about the Julius and Florence Kahn papers here at the Magnes [...]

Making a Mother’s Day

A devoted but busy mother (my own mother told me this story, trying to make a point) insisted on taking a nap every afternoon. When her children would beat on the door and whine for her to come out, she would answer in Yiddish: קי� דער איך מאך דיר א מאמע– children, I am making you a mother!

Magnes on the Road – Archives, Libraries, and Museums Unite!

I just returned from the American Association of Museums Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Our session, “Bridging the ALM Divide: An Integrated Archive-Library-Museum Approach for Hybrid Institutions”, highlighted an important project the Magnes is currently working on. The Magnes has a large collection of objects in the museum, a significant amount of documentary materials in the archives, and a significant holding of thousands of rare books and manuscripts. Over the years, these materials have not been cataloged consistently, nor has it been at all easy for researchers to discover related materials across the whole institution. In response to this problem, we decided to adopt a new type of collection management system to help us catalog materials in one centralized database, but according to the professional standards museum, archive, and library materials require.