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Jews of the Fillmore Opening Celebration

Jewish Standard Time did not apply to the Jews of the Fillmore opening celebration. Guests excitedly entered the Jazz Heritage Center before its officially posted time, perusing through the exhibition while greeting friends. After settling in, some guests opted to take the Guide by Cell tour, walking around the neighborhood on the particularly balmy afternoon, [...]

Ephemera – Felice Pazner Malkin: “Cruelest of All – the King”

A theater poster by artist Felice Pazner Malkin was found in the Magnes collection. It advertises the 1953 Habima production of the play ‘Cruelest of All – the King” and shows a woman with bowed head clutching her red robe about her, hiding her face; the only text is the name of the play and theater. The artist was in important figure in the development of modern Israeli theater poster design and offers a fascinating account of its cultural context.

Shahrokh Yadegari, Ann Hamilton’s Tower and Oliver Ranch

The day began with the usual stress of an event manager – trying to make sure that the day is starting out well for our 50-plus guests, and that the day can continue to unfold as though it was all effortless. Even as we arrived at Oliver Ranch and began to get a glimpse of [...]

Ephemera – Tlemcen, Algeria and Rabbi Ephraim al-Naqawa

We use the term ephemera to describe all sorts of works printed or written on paper that had only a temporary usefulness and were never intended to last very long. Our collection contains everything from memorial and devotional plaques to calendars, pictures, synagogue seating plans and donation recorders, all of them collected and sold or donated to the museum at one time or another by curators, donors, volunteers, and members of the community seeking an appropriate home for their treasures and curiosities.
Ephemera offer a look into all sorts of interesting corners of the Jewish community – ephemera blog # 1 introduces us to the Jewish community of Tlemcen, Algeria.