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's Archive for October, 2009

Memories of Seymour Fromer, Magnes Founder

We received word Monday morning that one of our founders, Seymour Fromer, passed away on Sunday. There’s an obituary here, and instead of mentioning all of his accolades, honors, and deeds, we, the Magnes staff, would like to share our personal memories of Seymour. For although he was a Jewish community leader, and a driving [...]

Crown of the Torah

The Magnes’ magnificent red and gold Torah ark from India is now on display in the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s year-long exhibition “As it is Written.” It has not been exhibited since the museum’s Telling Time exhibit in 1999-2000 and the CJM show gives it a spectacular setting.

Happy Sukkot! חג סכות שמח

Sukkot celebrates the end of the harvest season. Families and their guests enjoy festive meals in little huts decorated with seasonal fruits and vegetables, recalling the temporary dwellings of the biblical Israelites during their desert wanderings.

Celebrating Archives, National Parks, and the Great American Historical Record

To mark American Archives Month and California Archives Month, as well as the history of our National and State Parks and the history of the Jews of the Western United States, here are a few images of Yosemite from the wonderful archival collections of the Magnes.