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A mysterious correspondent reports on a visit to Père Lachaise, the Mute Players, and Act-Up

By Lisa Wurtele Not all those who have spent time with Rachel Marker have connected with her through the portal of the physical exhibition at The Magnes. Rachel has also had a deep impact on those who have entered her world by crossing time and place. The letters shared below were sent from several continents [...]

Griselda Pollock Enters Rachel Marker’s World

By Lisa Wurtele World-renowned art historian and cultural analyst Griselda Pollock visited the exhibition last month and was inspired to write about her impressions in a letter, which she addressed to Rachel Marker: Griselda Pollock penning her letter to Rachel Marker in the gallery. Photo: Moira Roth 19 March 2013 Dear Rachel Marker, I have [...]