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Attempts to Enter History: Bending the Rules of Time in Rachel Marker’s Spaces of Memory

A recent visitor to the world of Rachel Marker could not help but muse about the redemptive effect of “playing history like a great orchestra (rather than as a clock), which is what I think Rachel Marker has done.” By Lisa Wurtele Earlier in June, Andy Shanken, an architectural historian at U.C. Berkeley, visited the [...]

Seeing the Same Sky Through the Remnants of Different Bombed-out Buildings

By Lisa Wurtele Rachel Marker’s experiences of—and reactions to—20th-century European wars and their aftermath continue to impact those who join her on her journey through the smoke and violence of war, surviving (as Rose Hacker said of herself) “…to explore new possibilities.” A recent visitor to The Magnes was struck by the similarities to his [...]